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Morganne Blechle


Morganne Blechle



Speech-Language Pathology, MS

Speech-Language Pathology, BS | Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Minor in Audiology and Psychology | Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


Deafness has been a prominent factor in my family. Growing up, my aunt was bilaterally deaf and therefore, I was exposed to the struggles of communication that individuals who are part of the deaf/ hard of hearing population experience every day. It was not until the summer of 2018 when I took an American Sign Language class that I discovered my true passion for wanting to work with the deaf/hard of hearing population. Through the process of immersing myself and learning about the culture of the deaf/hard of hearing population by taking an ASL class, I soon discovered my interest in aiding successful communication between the hearing and deaf/hard of hearing populations.

I chose to attend Fontbonne because of the IPEI grant. After learning about the incredible opportunities that I would be exposed to and the work that I would be doing after graduation because of the IPEI grant, choosing to attend Fontbonne University was a perfect choice. I have been incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be apart of the IPEI grant and to meet the most caring and educated professors and cohort members along the way.

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Morganne Blechle