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Speech-Language Pathology, MS


Speech-Language Pathology, BS | Fontbonne University


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St. Louis, MO


I realized I wanted to be a speech-language pathologist during my senior year of high school. At the time, I was a regular at my local rehabilitation center after undergoing multiple ACL reconstruction surgeries. While going through physical therapy for my knee, I had the opportunity to see other therapists at work. As I was undecided about what degree to pursue in college, the speech-language pathologist at the facility allowed me to observe her and I fell in love with the field.

I attended Fontbonne University for undergraduate study and became interested in working with children/families with hearing loss through learning more about Fontbonne’s rich history in deaf education. Through my work-study position in the Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department, I discovered more about the collaboration needed between the two disciplines, and wanted to be part of it! Being part of the interprofessional grant specializing in working with children/families with hearing loss allowed me to follow my passion while pursuing my graduate degree. As a grant scholar, I have been provided with multiple opportunities to put my coursework into action. I am grateful for my experiences collaborating with deaf education students, completing clinical field experiences with children/families with hearing loss, and attending professional conferences. Here is a poster presentation Danielle Toney, fellow grant scholar, and I presented at the A.G. Bell International Symposium in Madrid, Spain!

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