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An Uninvited Guest: COVID-19

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Elizabeth Cowie



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We are currently facing an unprecedented pandemic that has killed thousands and has rapidly disrupted the status quo for billions across the world. We have a shared responsibility to decrease the transmission of COVID-19. As St. Louis Food Angels (STLFA), our mission is to offer free delivery of groceries and/or prepped meals to senior citizens, at-risk populations, and healthcare providers. STLFA has partnered with WashU Med Student Coronavirus Response volunteer team, and is providing delivery for two cases: (1) the delivery to individuals’ homes from food hubs where the food is already purchased (prepared meals and unprepared foods) for existing charities (e.g. non-profit organizations) that need assistance in getting food individuals’ homes; and (2) providing grocery shopping or pickup services (currently we are only able to pick up pre-purchased grocery orders). For the latter case, STLFA is assisting those without internet access to help them place their orders online by taking information over the phone.

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Spring 2020


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An Uninvited Guest: COVID-19