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Jamie Daugherty



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42% of the children and adults in the US (aged 13-71) have lactose intolerance (Storhaugh, 2017).

Lactose intolerance is due to the deficiency of an enzyme (i.e. lactase) that breaks down the milk sugar called lactose. Lactose is commonly found in milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.

The plant-based diet is becoming increasingly popular among Americans and rest of the world. The vegan diet excludes foods like meat, eggs, dairy, and any other product that comes from animals.

The researchers’ dairy-free mac & cheese is intended to be a replacement for a traditional mac & cheese that contains milk and cheese. This recipe is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet.

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Poster Presentation


Family and Consumer Sciences

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Bachelor of Science (BS)

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Family, Life Course, and Society | Food Science | Food Studies

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Fall 2020


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant Based, Healthy

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Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese: An Effective Intervention for Lactose Intolerants and Vegans



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