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Communication Disorders and Deaf Education


This EHDI Issue Brief examines issues that should be considered by EHDI professionals who are serving children living in poverty. It begins with definitions and data on poverty and a description of the issues, including research, trends, and the impact on child development. A framework of effective practices and strategies, a description of family influences that professionals can impact, and a list of exemplary programs, including awareness and advocacy activities, home visiting, and family support, is then provided. Finally, this document provides guidance for faculty and program administrators to develop course and professional development content through case studies, questions for reflections, group discussion prompts, visuals, and a multimedia presentation related to how services are best provided to families and children who are deaf or hard of hearing and living in poverty. This document is most effective when used in conjunction with other resources, such as Jensen (2009, 2013), Gorski (2013), Neuman (2009), and Suskind (2015).


Originally published in Issue Briefs for Early Hearing Detection & Intervention from National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management Utah State University.



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