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In recent years sexual identity and preference has been a hot topic. Not only has sexual orientation become a more open topic we can discuss freely with our peers, but it has opened many doors as to what makes up a family. As a society we have become more accepting of individuals to identify as a different gender or sexual preference. People at young are voicing their thoughts about themselves and their identity. Adults are finally working up the courage to be and act how they were meant to. It’s a beautiful thing to witness a close friend or family member finally accepting themselves and sharing a secret, one that can change an individual life. It’s important that family members support their children when talking about their identity, as this can be a very sensitive topic for an individual. The LGBTQ+ movement is growing faster and bigger than ever, we should not hide our judgment within a closet but provide supportive outlets for those who seek it as well as those who may need help understanding it. Together we can create a more loving space for LGBTQ+ member to live with pride.

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Advocacy Kit



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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Early Childhood Education

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Fall 2020


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


Trevor Project, Gay Straight Alliance, prounouns, cisgender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer


Call to Action: LGBTQ+ Children Need Our Support

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Support Your LGBTQ+ Family

Literature Review: Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Family with Pride

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Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Family with Pride



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