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Interview with Agnes Marie Baer


Interview with Agnes Marie Baer


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Sister Agnes Marie Baer talks with Brittany Christensen about vocation, the joys of religious life, and Vatican II.



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Spring 2015

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Brittany Christensen is a senior majoring in social work with a minor in business administration at Fontbonne University in Clayton, Missouri. Her goal is to pursue an advanced education by attending graduate school in the field of social work. She is a member of the leadership honor society Omicron Delta Kappa where she will serve a role on the internal events committee this semester.

Catholic Sisters have served a significant purpose in my life beginning at a young age. For example, the Catholic Sisters taught me in grade school, high school, and college. At each educational institution they enriched my life in terms of faith and their devotion to God. Throughout the various stages of my life I’ve had the opportunity to work with Catholic Sisters in philanthropic opportunities. In volunteering at my parish’s food pantry it was made clear that it doesn’t matter if someone is Catholic or who they are if a need is there we as servants of God should help others. Catholic Sisters have engrained such an impact on my heart that it seemed only appropriate that I partake in this project. The Catholic Sisters have molded my perception of seeking a life in a helping profession. They’ve chosen to devote their lives to God and in doing his work, which is remarkable. I will always envision their skills, knowledge, compassion and an empathetic heart towards the clients that I interact with in my career. This project will expand my horizons of oral history and allow me to further establish a rapport with a Catholic Sister. I truly feel wholeheartedly blessed to acquire knowledge of the values and principles of a Catholic Sister on a one on one basis. Presently, I consider myself to be a very spiritual person who holds prayer to a high standard. Prayer is an essential part of my each and everyday as it allows me time to focus on the purpose of my faith. My desire is that as I continue to mature that my faithful ideals will expand and evolve. By meeting with a Catholic Sister on a weekly basis I foresee that this will not only enhance my catholic virtues but also teach me the purpose of living a faithful life.

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Interview with Agnes Marie Baer



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