Commencement Materials, 1927-present

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Spring 1990


Presider - Paul O'Shea, OP

Ministers of the Word - Mike Roberts, Amy Sargent

Ministers of Eucharist - Mary Carol Anth CSJ, Maura Berndsen, Donald Burgo

Welcome - Renee Sargent

Petitions - Bev Armon

Cross Bearer - Mike Brockland

Gift Bearers - Joseph Adewunmi, Lori Bibby, Melissa Doherty, Chris Murphy

Greeters/Ushers - Trista Nelson, Sean Peters CSJ, Maria Santos, Rita Marie Schmitz CSJ

Musicians - Jane Behlmann CSJ, Kathleen Carroll CSJ, Peggy Dickmann, Julie Dickmann, Amy Greenwell, Meredith Hanley, Mark Henningfeld, Sean Holland, Carolyn Kovar, Jennifer Liermann, Shelby Liggett, Lillie O'Connell, Mary Wagner, Meg Walters, Ruth Yates CSJ



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