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Another year, another class

The end is near

We'll soon be passed.

June's really coming, and we'll

be humming


A lot of parties, gifts by the


We want to thank you

for evermore

It will be lonely, when you're

here only

So, Good-bye

Picture these grand old seniors,

Say 20 yrs [years] or more

We won't be so ambitious as

we were these last four.

Not making money -- that's very


It ain't so funny -- what's there to do?

Let us advise you -- the

world has guys, too

Start making whoopee!

We won't be seeing you in all the

old familiar places,

That these hearts of ours embrace

for four years through.

In the old cafe, the den across

the way, on the tennis courts,

Medaille Hall, assembly time.

We'll be missing you in all the

things we use to do.

In everything that's bright and gay

We'll always think of you that way.

We'll think about the tings we've


The fun we shared with you.

We'll be looking through the years

And we'll be seeing you.


Mary Jane Krekeler (Schutzius) class of 1952.


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