The Call, July 2018-present

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Class of 1969; Endowed Scholarship, Tom Voss, Carol Voss, scorecard, metrics, CFO, OSERS grant, CDDE, Jenny Chism, Justin WIlson, Tori Preiss, Trista Sullivan, Spitfire Grill, Pat's Pride of Griffins, Mary Beth Ohlms, Catholic Racial Justice Collaborative, Joseph A Brown, Annunciation House, Corinne Mason, Sadie Weiss, ODK, TIAA, Griffin Market, Dedicated Semester, Memory, Griffin Scratch, Strategic Planning Committee


Cabinet's Corner; Grant Announcement

Changes in Admission

Used Book Sale in Taylor Library

Changes in Financial Aid

Upcoming Theatre Production

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Racial Justice Workshop

Campus Ministry Updates

Upcoming Events at Carondelet Motherhouse

Upcoming Mission Integration Events

El Paso "Border Awareness Experience" - 2020

Study Abroad Opportunity -- Italy 2020