Lindsay Dierkes

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Spring 2-19-2016

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St. Louis, MO

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Born in Brcko on the Croatian border, Family consisted of parents and two sisters, Family was considered middle class in the former Yugoslavia, Had very little in the former Yugoslavia, Married in the former Yugoslavia and began to work in a factory that employed another 2,500 other people of all ethnicities, Brcko was a city of all ethnicities and of many mixed marriages, Noticed changes int eh people and on the tv including the Serbian first polices of Milosevic and the policy of one country for all Serbians, War broke out in Slovenia and Croatia and viewed events on tv, Hard to believe that war had come, Refugees began to arrive in Brcko from other cities, Told by Serbian friends that there was organizations by Serbians and that all non-Serbians would be forced to leave, Gathered family including young daughter and left city via bridge to Croatia, Bus traveled though war torn Croatia until arriving in sisters home in Zagreb, Stayed for three months until traveling to Germany with family, In Germany began to work and daughter started school, Learned the language and the culture, Attempted to start a new life, Stayed in Germany until 1999 when the German government refused to extend visa, Forced to apply to other countries, Accepted by the United States and arrived in 1999 to St. Louis, Culture shock was present as everything was different, Culture was different and fast paced, International Institute helped establish life and helped with finding jobs and apartments, Learned English and bough a house with wife, Daughter graduated college and is now a teacher, States that he only has one home now which is the United States, Wants future generations to not follow the ideals of people like Milosevic and to never be selfish


Brčko, Refugee, Germany, St. Louis, Politics, Milosevic, Culture Shock, International Institute, Future Generation

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St. Louis, MO

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Oral History


Affton High School

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St. Louis, MO

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