Theses and Capstone Projects

Year of Award



College of Education & Allied Health

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

First Advisor

Gale B. Rice

Second Advisor

Lynne Shields

Third Advisor

Carmen Russell


skills, development, peers, relationships, communication, family


Social skills are crucial for developing relationships as well as academic success. The relationship between siblings plays a role in the development of these social skills. Students who use AAC are often disadvantaged because they have fewer opportunities to develop the social skills they need to be successful. There is evidence to support the use of sibling and peer- mediated interventions with this population. The current study implemented a 30-minute training session for siblings of students who use AAC and aimed to improve communication between siblings and increase the siblings’ knowledge of AAC. Siblings took pre- and posttraining surveys and completed an open-ended questionnaire to determine the social validity of the training. Results of this pilot study supported previous findings that training siblings has positive effects.

Document Type

Restricted Thesis


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