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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


Manufacturing, JIT, Japan, Industry, Material Requirement Planning, MRP


Increased foreign and domestic competition have created a productivity challenge which necessitates new corporate emphasis on world-class manufacturing.

The thesis examines the issues surrounding Just-In-Time (JIT). It shows the benefits and drawbacks to JIT implementation, as well as showing some case illustrations of selected companies using JIT.

Jit production and inventory systems are being borrowed from Japan, in the interest of improving U.S. factories' production levels by eliminating wasted material, underused production capacity and misspent labor time.

Today, many U.S. industries face serious problems stemming from losses in market share to Japanese competitors, or to companies utilizing the Japanese production inventory techniques.

This thesis looks at several companies: General Motors, General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas. These companies were chosen because they are leaders within their industries.

It is essential that companies at the very least evaluate and compare JIT with the mode of operation which they have in place. Companies may not be able to employ all of the JIT techniques, but they can certainly use part, if not all, of the JIT approach.

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