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Nigeria, Africa, Recession, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Food Production, Aquaculture, Tilapia


It is imperative that Nigeria with its abundant land and water resources has to rely on import to furnish almost three-quarters of the total fish demand of its rapidly growing population (approaching 100 million) ~ The recent economic recession has led to the federal government totally banning or making tougher the importation of all food commodities. This implies that there will be a chronic shortage of fish not only as a source of food but as a source of the much needed protein.

The government is very much concerned with this and has called for local production of all food commodities and has provided a lot of incentive for both foreign and Nigerian firms to encourage their going into food production. Based on this coupled with the high prices of fish in the market, my objective is to show these firms how to take advantage of the situation and at the same time supply the necessary food and protein requirements of the people. The way to carry out this objective is through Aquaculture.

Aquaculture involves attempts by men to improve natural production by controlling the environments of various aquatic plants and animals. This thesis gives the reader a firsthand knowledge of how to start an aquacultural facility aimed at fish production (based on pond system) in Nigeria. It shows the necessary things involved in setting up the farm and offers advice where necessary.

Finally it develops as an example a pond management program aimed at producing 2200 lb./acre of Tilapia on a 10 acre farm.

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