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Business Administration


Retort Pouch, Sterile Food Container, Food Innovisions Incorporated, Packaging, Marketing


This thesis has been designed to discuss the retort pouch, a commercially sterile food container and the problems currently associated with its marketing process. This includes production, finances, consumer awareness and competitive products.

The information in the first chapter focuses on the retort pouch. A definition and history of the pouch is given. There is also an in-depth description of the physical characteristics, as well as the production process. This is followed by the advantages and disadvantages of retort pouch use discovered by different tests performed by companies that have attempted to market retort pouched foods.

The first half of Chapter II illustrates one company's approach to the use of the retort pouch. The company, Food Innovisions, Incorporated, has provided detailed information which includes background, marketing strategies, organizational structure, and projected financial statements.

The analytical evaluation of both the retort pouch and its use is stated in the last half of Chapter II. It starts with the statement of problems then continues with the analysis, various solutions, including a defense and finally the conclusion.

The retort pouch will be a factor in food packaging in the near future. The information will be useful to any firm intending to use the retort pouch to package its product.

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