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Performance appraisals have been studied in detail for the past twenty years. The information that is available to all organizations concerning the performance appraisal process has brought change to the workplace.

That same information, avoided in the past by the majority of hospitals except for vague attempts to pay for performance, can be the source of increased worker satisfaction and productivity; can provide detailed cost information to hospital financial departments concerning the 57 percent of expenditures involved with labor; and can bring nursing service departments, usually scorned by other businesses, to respectability in terms of business acumen.

The areas of consequence involve current judicial decisions and governmental legislation that provide a framework in which any job can be defined and appraisals performed. Administrative agencies have required validity in those appraisals, as would be required in any other test concerning employment.

It will be evident that nursing service administrators have not been completely untrained in the objectives of performance appraisal, but, as a group of professionals, have allowed many varied elements of quantity and quality to paralyze action.

The recent Medicare legislation has brought an end to much of that paralyzing discussion by landing decisively on the side of quantity. That decision made, nursing service administrators are able to integrate, to analyze, to set standards, and finally, to appraise.


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