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Stress, Health effects, Overload, Human Resources, Management, Absenteeism, Employers


Stress is caused by anything that places extra physical or psychological effects on a person. These can be real or perceived actions because what is stress to one may be productive to another.

Work-related stress is when unfavorable health effects are caused by working conditions. These conditions include: role conflict, role ambiguity, overload, underload, work relationships, and other various factors. Work-related stress has come into prominence recently, due to the rising costs companies are incurring because of worker's compensation claims and law suits that employees are filing for their health and psychological problems they feel are caused by this stress. But financial costs are not the only costs to companies. They also suffer the loss of a valuable employee due to sickness or absenteeism.

Managers need to be open to the signs of an employee who may be dealing with stress. There are preventative measures that can he taken but usually the problem is found after the stress has manifested in he employee. Some companies offer programs to help alleviate the stress effects, but the cause needs to be found and resolved. Companies need to be supportive so that employees will feel free to discuss their problems or offer suggestions. Everyone will benefit because a happier employee will be more productive and have a lower rate of absenteeism.

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