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Master of Science (MS)


College of Education & Allied Health


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education


behavior, relationships, nonverbal, status, perception, disabilities


Peer relationships are important because they appear to influence social development, and learning. If LD students do not perceive their poor status in the classroom, they may not see a need to alter their interactions with peers in order to achieve more positive relationships. Perhaps teachers, therefore, should provide experiences that enhance peer relationships in the classrooms. Further investigation of the factors associated with the poor status of these students in regular classrooms is needed. Important areas for study include social perception, patterns of reinforcement for social contact, and the interest of the student in social contact.Further study is also needed to determine why LD students appear less perceptive than their peers in assessing their own status in the group. A better selection of subjects, which this study was unable to obtain and the use of a standardized rating scale, also, unable to secure for this project, would undoubtedly yield more significant results. Identifying the factors that contribute to poor peer status may lead to the design of appropriate educational interventions which would enhance the acceptance and adjustment of LD students in mainstream programs.

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