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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


Shutdowns, Downsizing, Unemployment, Relocation, Upgrades, Employees, Community


Just as businesses have the right to choose the location to build new plants, they also have the right to close or relocate as necessary for their survival.

When a plant closes.down or relocates, a number of adverse reactions are set in motion. The most immediate, of course, is the loss of jobs for the workers. Other social, economic, and legal consequences are also felt by the affected workers and communities.

This thesis was prepared to fully investigate these consequences and examine the alternatives and responsibilities of those involved.

The information is divided into seven major categories followed by a conclusion: 1) reasons for worker displacement, 2) categories of the unemployed, 3) social consequences, 4) economic consequences, 5) legal consequences, 6) alternatives for the workers, 7) responsibilities of the c9mpany, worker, and community.

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