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Petroleum, Oil wells, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Israel, USSR


Although the title of this thesis is "OPEC and the US Interests in the Persian Gulf" I have intentionally omitted the members of OPEC which are not in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf. The reason is that the members like Indonesia, Venezuela and Gabon are not causing any hostilities to the rest of the world.

Conversely, the members like Iran, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia have been the center of the international media attention due to the ever lasting hostilities involving these countries.

The United States of America, presumed to be the leader of non-communist countries, has been actively involved in the region to protect not only its interests but also its allies' interests. Both politically and economically, the United States is far superior to the rest of the non-communist countries. It is the only country which is capable of defending the allies' interests in the Persian Gulf.

In the thesis, I shall briefly mention the history of OPEC and the organization structure of OPEC in chapter 2 and 3, respectively.

In chapter 4, I have analyzed the United States oil companies in the Persian Gulf States. In chapter 5, the Oil Shock of 1973 is analyzed in depth.

Iran and its neighbors are scrutinized in chapter 6 to find out why the country is so anti-world, especially toward the United States.

In chapter 7 and 8, a recent trend in the world petroleum market is examined and the United States' readiness in the event of a crisis respectively.

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