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Business Administration


Human Resources, Wage discrimination, Women, Men


One of the most challenging issues in Human Resource Management today is the theory of Comparable Worth. This concept's central theme is that jobs that can be compared by skill, knowledge or job content should receive an equal wage. Comparable Worth has been championed by women because of the existing disparity between men's and Women's wages in the labor market.

Wage discrimination is not a new occurrence in our society. It is a result of our cultural conditioning and social development. Many factors have contributed to past discrimination and continue to affect it today. The social, economic, political and ethical aspects of our society are interwoven in this debate.

This thesis will explore the scope of Comparable Worth by examining the origins and history of the theory in an attempt to understand how it evolved and why. It is also important to analyze how Comparable Worth is perceived by business, women, legislators and the general public in light of the above mentioned factors.

In assessing Comparable Worth's value as a framework for wage compensation, this thesis will look at the relative costs and benefits to a company in implementing it. Steps to correct pay equity are outlined, reflecting the attitudes of those who support and those who oppose the principle.

Finally, this thesis will discuss the current disposition of Comparable Worth in business, in courtrooms and in government. The central issues in the debate of feasibility, cost and need are summarized to present the conclusion of this paper that Comparable Worth needs to be taken into account by business and government in wage determination.

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