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Bachelor of Science (BS)


College of Education & Allied Health

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Speech-Language Pathology


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

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Ethan Kristek


Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Therapist, SLP, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Cognition, Language, Psychosocial, Communication Disorders


This presentation outlines what a speech-language pathologist does within their scope of practice and follows the progression of a client that was served at the Eardley Clinic for Speech-Language and Hearing. Following the therapeutic approaches taken to remediate language difficulties, this presentation shows the treatment outcomes and the growth in cognitive functions from the beginning to the end of the semester. It also includes lessons learned as a student clinician through this experience and the knowledge gained as a future Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).


Blake Klenke is a Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) major and an involved student leader. His presentation focused on his experience as an SLP rehabilitation specialist treating a Traumatic Brain Injury. Blake’s client was in a car accident causing a brain injury. Prior to his accident, the client worked in construction and was in pursuit of becoming a graphic designer. Therapy goals included improvement of reading comprehension, communicative confidence, cognitive function, and memory. Over time, the client made major improvements that boosted his confidence and quality of life.

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Open Access Capstone Project

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