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Women, stereotypes, minority, work roles, sexual harassment, tokenism, sexism


The work roles of women have changed dramatically within the last ten years. The purpose of this thesis is to recount the history of women's traditional work roles and discuss the changes and resultant problems associated with the evolvement of women's work roles.

The historical base of work roles of women will be discussed briefly. The primary focus of this report concerns itself with present-day issues facing women in the workforce. Male attitudes and mindsets, as well as feminization of women's work roles are issues which hinder the advancement of women into upper echelons of management. Myths about women and role identification also have a significant impact on women's status in· the workplace. Problems not openly discussed in the past regarding issues such as sexual harassment and inaccurate perceptions about women In the labor force are also examined in detail.

There has been enormous change In the Amer I can business environment In the past decade which accepts a variety of personal expressions. Several corporations recognize this fact and are developing internal women's programs to assist women in fitting into the corporate culture.

Women have made significant contributions and great strides in the labor force, yet the status of women remains at the lower rungs of the corporate totem pole. Women have banded together through women's organizations, such as the National Organization for Women (NOW), and have developed support groups and networking programs across the nation to present a unified front in order to overcome the many obstacles in their path up the corporate ladder.

The intent of this thesis is to highlight the successes, setbacks and on-going battles against mindsets and myths which limit the advancement of women into upper management positions. The struggle of women for freedom and equality in the workplace is chronicled in this report, and specific concerns regarding the future of women's work roles are identified together with possible remedies to counter the stereotyping of women as well as feminization of work roles.

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