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ASC, inpatient, insurance, hospitals, regulations


Freestanding Surgery Centers (ASC), have emerged in the alternate health care delivery system as a cost effective alternative to inpatient surgery. Over the last seven years, surgery centers have grown substantially. It is felt that these facilities have reached a maturation point in the market.

The question of the future viability of this type of delivery system is being debated. Hospitals have become extremely competitive with these centers. Government regulations and insurance reimbursement patterns all add to the competitive edge. This research will review ASC's role currently in the health industry and analyze their potential viability as a health care delivery system. There are conflicting views on ambulatory surgery centers being able to grew and/or maintain their current market niche.

Much of the controversy arises over the methods of reimbursement for ASC's and hospital based outpatient departments. The government's regulations do assist ASC's but not necessarily hospitals. Freestanding centers are less expensive because they do not carry the same administrative overhead as a hospital. But as health care costs continue to rise and hospitals become competitive, freestanding ASC's may have difficulty keeping their doors open.

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