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automation, planning, information, data


The strategic use of information technology in the revitalization of any mature product involves the application and optimization of this technology to meet specific business objectives. The traditional applications of information technology have been tactical. Applications have been developed for automation of office or information work. These applications were generally implemented without consideration of other aspects of a business.

The electronic storage and processing of information in data systems developed as automation systems yielded information in more useful forms. This information could be analyzed and used in other ways in business planning. The involvement of other business functions increased the need for more information and the need for more complex processing.

Information technology has been used for many years to provide information for use in developing and implementing business strategies. Information technology has become part of the strategy in recent years. Strategic use of information technology provides more strategic options and facilitates strategies for product differentiation and market leadership.

The role of the mature and revitalized product in the future of a businesses is discussed in light of the inevitable maturation of all products. Producer and customer perceptions of mature products and markets affect both business strategy and customer expectations. The early maturity of products is discussed as well as methods of determining when a product/market reaches maturity.

The threats of denial of product maturity and product obsolescence as well as the opportunities for product revitalization are outlined.

Strategic business unit and market segmentation are presented in the text and in graphic form using matrix models.

The strategic use of information technology in the revitalization of mature products is directed into three general strategic areas, market focus, product differentiation and cost reduction.

The process of revitalizing mature products within a business is outlined in a form that can be applied to all mature products.

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