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Business Administration


management, technology, software, hardware


This research outlines methods to successfully plan, implement and evaluate computer systems for small businesses. with decreasing costs, small businesses are now able, to afford computer systems. Before small business owners/managers elect to purchase a computer system,. they must study their operations and develop a strategic plan.

The planning stage is where a manager determines whether or not the business has a need for a computer. An analysis of the daily business activities is made. A manager may find that the manual system is better for the current business operations. a cost/benefit analysis should be done. if the company cannot show a positive return after three years, a computer purchase is not justifiable. Management and employees have to be willing to accept the change and new technology. Forecast of the economic conditions and long term goals of the company should be considered. if the future looks prosperous, the computer system must be able to expand with business. Next, hardware and software will need to be evaluated and purchased. The manager must buy a system to fit the company's needs, from a reputable vendor.

Implementation requires coordination and cooperation. Set a schedule that includes training and remember conversion should not disrupt day-to-day operations. Of all the problems encountered with conversion, the most serious is user resistance. Users' attitudes and expectations need to be identified. There are several ways to overcome the resistance. They include user involvement in the decision making process, recognizing benefits of the computer, give realistic expectations and provide quality training. Top management should show positive attitudes and support through the process.

An evaluation after implementation is crucial to determine if the system is a success. If it does not perform the way it was designed, quick management is necessary to alleviate frustration and inefficiency.

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