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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


shoes, sales, sneaker, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, canvas, aerobic, walking, cross training


The topic in which the thesis is based upon ¡s the Retail Marketing of Athletic Footwear in the United States.

The thesis will research the different athletic footwear brands in accordance to style, price, market share, and their specific function.

There are several major manufacturers of athletic footwear. These manufacturers will be discussed based upon their retail marketing abilities throughout the United States. In accordance to the industry, depending upon advertisement, that makes all the difference of whether or not a particular brand will have a tremendous impact on the consumer. In other words whether or not the item will have high sales volume.

Advertising plays a major role In the marketing of the footwear. Depending upon advertisement, this could either "make" or "break" a company.

The athletic footwear industry is very competitive. The choice of deciding what type of athletic shoe is needed or wanted, is becoming a major purchase decision. There are hundreds of styles of athletic shoes on the market today to choose from.

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