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African-American, Civil War, NAACP, Black culture


The following paper focuses on the issue of the business/economic influence of American Black churches congregations: As a part of this thesis research, an extensive literature search has been carried out in the area of the Black Spiritual movement and its developments. The emphasis of my thesis study is measuring, analyzing and understanding the evolution of American Black church congregations and the important business role they perform in the community.

The practical effects of these early institutions, that can be seen in the people it produced. Out of these church congregations came those who would most certainly go to any Black Hall of Fame honoring those who were pioneers in the black liberation struggle for social change and entrepreneurship.

There are many undefined roles which derived form black churches as a business. Namely, most black people learned to pool their resources and build many visible churches. it was seeing their money, as meager as it was, built structures and maintain them that gave them pride, assurance and responsibility. It was the edifices that served as centers for black political activities. The black person who found himself denied space or a place in the civil arena of power, was somewhat consoled by virtue of the fact that he could via tor power and position in the church environment. Literature search reveals that the black church is a business m which structure is promoted and citizenship skills are developed.

Through extensive research I'm approaching the sociological outlook of viewing the Black Church as a business, where community members are inspired. The study will involve viewing the history of American Black Churches and the spiritual movement which becomes a useful competitive weapon. This weapon, when used effectively demonstrates how important the Black Church is to the community and the enduring and viable social/business roles performed within this institution.

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