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Business Administration


absenteeism, addiction, supervisors, employees, EAP, AA


Alcoholism is an illness. A progressive, deteriorating and devastating illness which destroys the drinker and places a tremendous burden to those around him. It is also an illness that, quite apart from its waste of human resources, costs American industry an estimated twenty billion dollars each year.

Although generally small in number in any given company, alcoholics pose an exceedingly difficult and*= perplexing personnel problem. Occurring on all levels, among both management and labor, they are costly in terms of absenteeism and accidents. Sick payments, turnover, lost production, lowered morale, faulty judgment, bad decisions, and damaging public and customer relationships.

I would like to propose by my thesis on awareness of the great problem of alcoholism in the workplace as well as the responsibility of the employer in dealing with this nation wide issue. This plan will include four basic aspects. First, identification of the problem drinker. Second, the reaction of the immediate supervisor. Third, company program and policies — employee assistance programs. And finally, treatment of the alcoholic employees.

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