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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


cactus, international, climate, agriculture, export, pitayo, transportation


The intention of this thesis is to analyze how feasible and income-producing is to commercialize a exotic and almost unknown fruit: The PITAYA.

Due to the proximity of the biggest national market (Mexico City), the orchard is thought to be established in the state of Morelos, because there we find very good climatological and soil conditions to grow this cactus.

The fundamental purpose of this venture is to promote and sell the PITAYA in the International markets, since in addition to that it may be where more earnings are, obtained, also it helps the Mexican Balance of Trades to get more equilibrated with the entrance of foreign currency to the country.

Because the taste of the PITAYA has a great acceptance with the people that tries it for the first time and because it is a very fresh fruit, is why I think that the commercial exploitation of this fruit could be a very profitable business.

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