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technology, profits, enterprise, corporation, success, markets


An Entrepreneur, in general, is one who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit. An entrepreneur may venture into any business that is deemed as possessing a desirable advantage for the entrepreneur. i More specifically, the technologically oriented entrepreneur is driven to pursue profits via the advantage of technological knowledge obtained through formal education and/or experience. The High-Technology Entrepreneur plays a significant role in industry and provides a specific service to society as a whole.

The opportunities available today and in the future will be quite different from entrepreneurial adventures of the past. Increasing development and dependence upon technology will spawn new challenges for the technically adept individuals with the proper characteristics to turn the opportunities into successful enterprises. The flexibility and responsiveness of individuals or small organizations creates a niche for entrepreneurism that cannot always be fulfilled by larger corporations.

Analysis of current technology trends is inclusive, as well as a theoretical determination of the impending role of the high-technology entrepreneur. Research and Development will prevail as golden opportunities. Technical marketing/sales opportunities will evolve for technical entrepreneurs, both as Manufacturers Representatives and Service/Technical Representatives. Changing government regulations, combined with other varying trends continually affect the success of the entrepreneur.

Finally, the key to entrepreneurial success relies heavily upon the balance between maintaining stability within the young enterprise and encouraging an environment of risk-taking. The stability/risk equilibrium parameter often claims failure for entrepreneurial firms.

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