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Business Administration


telephone, monopoly, competition, strategy, marketing


This study focuses on Southwestern Bell Corporation's response to the deregulation of the Telecommunication Industry in 1984. Southwestern Bell Corporation was created when the Telecommunication Industry was deregulated. The paper is divided into four parts. Each one addressing an area that must be discussed in order to to fully evaluate the Company's response to deregulation.

Part One outlines the historical development of the Telecommunication Industry. Part Two develops and discusses a management model for firms that are entering a competitive market from the world of regulation. Part Three focuses directly upon Southwestern Bell's actions since deregulation. Part Four is a comparison of Southwestern Bell Corporation's actions to the model that is presented in Part Two.

The deregulation of the the Telecommunication Industry has forced the industry to become more competitive and more efficient, yet there are constraints which remain upon the Industry. Southwestern Bell Corporation has been operating for only five years, and its environment is continually changing. Therefore, it may take some years before the effects of deregulation, and Southwestern Bell's response to it, can be fully evaluated.


This thesis was selected for its superior quality, and was suggested as a good example for MBA students to follow.

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