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benefits, eldercare, flexible scheduling, women, husband, wife, household


In 1990, an estimated 50% of the workforce consists of women. This change in the workforce has had a dramatic effect on the family and the employer. Companies are recognizing that family and work issues do in fact affect one another.

Employers are faced with problems such as tardiness and high levels of absenteeism due to child care problems of working women. In addition to child care problems, companies and individuals are being heavily impacted by eldercare. During the last century, the country's population of people 65 or older has multiplied about three times as fast as the population at large which is leaving a i substantial portion of working adults to care for them. Companies have found that the increased family demands placed on their employees may lead to higher stress and lower productivity.

Companies are beginning to research and implement work/family programs that deal with these and other issues that will benefit the employees and the companies. Employers are implementing onsite child care, eldercare, flexible scheduling, and more. In addition to the internal changes taking place by companies, support provided by community organizations and public policy is beginning to take shape.

This thesis will attempt to show the reader the different internal and external problems involving the work/family dilemma as well as alternative solutions to these problems.

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