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deregulation, MCA, trucking, shipping, routes


This study addresses the effects of deregulation of the motor carrier industry as mandated by Congress in the Motor Carrier Act of 1980. Some of these effects are direct results of the provisions of the Motor Carrier Act itself. Other effects have been caused by factors in the general business environment that particularly affected motor carriers in a state of regulatory transition.

The paper is divided into three parts. Each part covers critical areas which must be discussed to determine whether or not deregulation was good for the industry and the consumer.

Part One discusses the expectations and outcomes of deregulation. Part Two looks at effects of the business environment on the motor carrier industry. Part Three gives the author’s views on what the future of the industry will bring. Deregulation has caused the motor carrier industry to become much more competitive and much more efficient.

Deregulation has forced corporate management to take a new approach to doing business. They are hiring better educated people at all levels. They are stressing Return on Investment and Profitability in order to secure their future. They are now playing the part of business men, a part they did not have to play under regulation.

It may well be into the year 2000 before a clear judgement can be made on the effects of deregulation. But until that time, the reader will be able to come to their own conclusions after finishing this paper.

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