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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


entrepreneur, international, Japan, Asia


As a former business entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to encounter the trials and tribulations inherent within the realm of the business sector. Fierce competition exists on every front from Canada to the Far East. In order for America to remain competitive and the number one economic world leader, a focus on the current business philosophy is necessary. American business firms have vacillated far too long thereby allowing foreign entities to close the gap between America and themselves. America is no longer an isolated economic nation. The present American economy is reaching a Global state.

A considerable amount of attention has been focused on Japan and their economic rise in the Global environment. Research has shown that the Japanese have implemented what was once an American business tradition. Accordingly,. American firms can learn from the Japanese. There are useful aspects of Japanese management that would effectively improve the productivity and quality in American firms if tailored to be in consonance with the specific American environment.

A close look at Japan's approach to human relations, decision by consensus and their continuous improvement process will reveal that American firms can borrow some of these attributes for use in American firms.

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