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Business Administration


Wall Street, stockholders, market, company, risk


In order to become a successful investor on Wall Street, one must devise a plan in order to achieve his prescribed goals and objectives. To begin, the investor must first attain knowledge of what the investment arena encompasses, and only after this is understood can he begin to form his own personal goals and objectives.

Once the plan has been devised, the investor must analyze the tactical procedures which will attain these goals and objectives. This involves an analysis of the investment vehicles available. Once this initial analysis is performed, one must select those vehicles which fit his individual investment strategy the best. However, the analytical process does not cease at this time; it is an ongoing process!

This thesis will attempt to educate one on the investment arena and lead him towards developing a .personal investment strategy. Within these readings, we will look into a rather conservative, yet highly successful, investing strategy known as, "value investing". In so doing, we will view the investing careers of Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, and Warren Buffet. Their views and experiences will be exhibited, and their conclusions on investing identified.

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