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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


employee, evaluation, manager, supervisor, feedback


The presented thesis will examine the area of Performance Appraisal Systems in a professional business department and the process of development and implementation needed within this field of business administration. An effective performance appraisal system devised for a professional business department needs appropriate attention to adequately provide information and motivation to management, supervisors, and the subordinates within a business establishment. The performance appraisal system must be developed to incorporate the goals and strategies of the business department and other pertinent information required by management.

Many requirements are needed to create an effective performance appraisal system. The appraisal system must be relevant, controllable, obtainable, and accepted by all members of the business institution using or receiving the evaluation. The evaluators must attempt to provide an objective review. Instructional guidelines and training should be presented to the evaluator so that an effective appraisal will improve personnel productivity and development.

Many problems may be encountered in an performance appraisal system if proper procedures are not in place to control these potential "rater errors". Legal action may also result with improper usage of performance appraisals.

I would like to propose by my thesis the necessary steps and guidelines which need to be implemented in the framework of a Performance Appraisal System. In doing so I will present through a thorough review, the methodology for the development and implementation of an effective Performance Appraisal System.


This thesis was selected for its superior quality, and was suggested as a good example for MBA students to follow.

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