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The role of ethics in business is one that is strongly debated. The role of ethics in personnel evaluations is one that has not experienced a lot of debate. Personnel evaluations are seen as a method to help maximize the productivity of employees. It is agreed that one of the basic responsibilities* of management is to insure as best as- possible that the company is making a reasonable profit for its owners. However the problem arises as to the methods used to gain maximum productivity from the employees. Some companies are noted for their callousness towards their employees, and prefer a constant* turnover to stability., At the other end of the spectrum, you have companies that are noted for treating their employees economically well.

Employee evaluations are designed to rate employees proficiency output. It is generally accepted that the evaluation is done to benefit the company's bottom line. However, in the United States and other fully developed economic powers, more and more employees are becoming more concerned with "Quality of Work" and "Quality of Life" issues. Certain business philosophies and ethical standards do not take into account the quality of life and quality of work issues.

What follows is an explanation of various ethical standards, employee evaluations, and the choice of Christian Ethics to be applied to employee evaluations. Christian Ethics does address the quality of life issues that are gaining importance to more and more people.

The choice of Christian Ethics is fully explained and applied to employee evaluations. Christian Ethics is a time tested system that has survived very well for nearly 2000 years. The unfortunate fact is that so many people reject out of hand anything that has any connection or basis in religion. The real unfortunate aspect of this situation is that Christian Ethics has many positive virtues that even people who choose not to follow a religious belief can significantly benefit from. This is especially true in matters that concern personnel evaluations.

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