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The purpose of this thesis is to focus on the dynamics of corporate entrepreneurship. Part I highlights the characteristics and role of the entrepreneur in the corporation.

Most successful innovations have come from new or small companies and virtually the entire growth of the United States’ labor force in the last twenty years has come as a result of the growth of small businesses at the same time the Fortune 500 companies suffered net decrease in total employment. Small firms bring products to market faster and develop more innovation than large corporations.

The failure of large corporations to adapt to present circumstances has created a vacuum which is being filled by entrepreneurs. Corporations have reached a position where they must make room for the entrepreneur within the organization.

In the corporate world today, we are witnessing a profound shift from a managerial to entrepreneurial economy. This will in time change the structure and style of large corporations. The increasing vital role that entrepreneurs are playing in the corporation will be one of the important factors shaping the future.

Part II goes into detail as to understanding and stimulating the creative process. Currently, managers are realizing that their entire organizations must be transformed into market-driven, innovative, and adaptive systems if they are to survive and prosper in the highly competitive, global environment of the next decades. Training and recruiting programs will play a significant role in the restructuring of organizations. As organizations prepare for the challenges of the 1990’s, many are beginning to develop systemwide programs of planned change.

These changes require a continuous commitment from upper management to implement or it becomes another management fad. Some of the critical areas requiring change are discussed. Part III reviews the management of the total corporation. This section examines structuring the creative organization. Moving a hierarchical organization to the point where the entrepreneurial spirit can flourish is not an easy task. Most people resist change and the process is long and difficult. However, the new atmosphere will make employment more stimulating and productive for the staff as well as the future more secure for the corporation.

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