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In broad terms, these regulations, will deal with the functions of bank regulations only; such as bank holding companies, foreign banking business, interlocking directorates, other member bank requirements and consumer protection. This will provide a general understanding of the goals and scope of the bank regulations.

The study will also focus on the statutory responsibility of the Federal Reserve System for the administration of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 as amended, the Merger Act of 1960, and the change in Bank Control Act of 1978. Under these acts the Board approves or denies the acquisition of banks and closely related non-banking activities by bank holding companies and permits or rejects certain other changes of control and mergers of banks and bank holding companies.

In addition, the study will touch on the structures of the bank regulations which include bank holding company expansion, bank acquisitions, non-banking acquisitions bank mergers and other changes in bank control.

Finally, the study will pay attention to the Federal Reserve's innovation and regulation of banks in the 1990's.

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