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mediation, organization, communication, behavior


In many large organizations such as interpersonal businesses, the communication of group members and group decision-making is very important. When people work together; of course, they would have problems.

It is necessary to understand an individual and interpersonal behavior in organizations. Conflict is the general problem that can happen in large organizations because each member may have different ideas or opinions. In the group decision-making process, the top management must avoid conflict because it may bring a bad decision, lose control or even lessen the effectiveness of the decision-making process for the company.

The main subject of this thesis is how to understand the people who work together in the organization; some approaches that can deal with interpersonal conflict in group decision-making. Some points that top management should see through, for example, teamwork in interpersonal communication, interpersona1 attraction, task, maintenance, and self-oriented behavior or learning decision support system to manage in decision-making groups. All of these points are important to study for the effectiveness of group decision-making. If the top management understands their group members, it can reduce some problems that occurs in their organization. Conflicts are also important in the organization because if some member has conflict with other members it may be a disadvantage for their organization.

However, because the conflict process is complex, simple exhortations to "stop fighting" or "be nice" are not sufficient to open up new ways for doing conflict. Here are the strategies for dealing with interpersona1 conflict: Win- Lose Methods, Lose-Lose Methods, Win-Win Methods, or interpersonal bargaining. These strategies can deal with conflict and they can also reduce conflict, too.

The last part of this thesis is how to improve the effectiveness of the group, especially in group decision-making. The top management should evaluate group decision-making, interpersonal relations, and observe other groups. Finally, the author anticipates that this thesis will help the readers understand interpersona1 behavior in the organization and gain knowledge of some approaches that can deal with interpersonal conflict that might occur in their organization.

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