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The following is a digest of the Marketing Responses to Reform Legislation in Interstate Banking. The thesis will examine the historical perspective of the financial community, starting with the origins of the U.S. banking followed by the development of interstate banking and the Federal Reserve System.

Section II will focus on government intervention into the legislative process. The dividing point in history will be 1947. This section will concentrate exclusively on the legislation and relevant historical background.

Section III will deal with the banking influence on interstate banking. The Federal Reserve's policy toward interstate banking has changed over time. Originally the Federal Reserve was against interstate banking, however the Federal Reserve has changed its position on interstate banking.

The U.S. government promoted interstate banking through a policy of deregulation. In 1956, Congress passed the Bank Holding Company that laid the foundation for modern interstate banking. With this foundation in place, a variety of different banking organizations began to emerge. Interstate banking has began to develop some early trends with regard to acquisition targets and the type of entry into the market.

What the future holds for interstate banking and how will it effect the consumer are questions that need to be answered. Interstate banking does not appear to be fading, but it appears to be increasing. The small banks will continue to survive and effectively complete against the larger banks. The level of concentration of the nation's assets remains a top priority. Legislation can be designed to satisfy the public's concern. Interstate banking appears to be here to stay, it is up to us to use it as effectively as possible for the betterment of our financial community.

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