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Beer, the beverage of moderation, is older than Western civilization. The beer industry accomplished its most successful years during the 1970's, but the beer market of the 1970's became less attractive during the 1980's. In addition, the health consciousness that hit America in the 1980's will likely carry into the 1990's.

There were ten different brewers that increased their products' sales to the top ten list of beer brands in 1970. However, only four of those ten beer brewers were listed among the top ten in 1990. Beer sales can be divided into 8 segments: popular, premium, superpremium, light, low/no alcohol, malt liquor, ale, and dry. Light beers are very important to the market today because the light brands of the top 25 list showed a growth of 8.3 % in 1989. Microbreweries show an increase of popularity among young people looking to dine out and try new products.

Along with product quality, the manufacturers of beer believe that they must also be responsible in their efforts to sell their products. They are concerned about the abuse of alcohol and the problem of driving while intoxicated. So, they continue to encourage people to be responsible when drinking beer.

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