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Stress is an individual reaction that is caused by anxiety, discontent, worry, etc. Chronic stress can lead to serious health problems such as hypertension, coronary disease, or tension headaches. Stress can also affect an individual's mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression). However, work-related stress is when unfavorable working conditions affects physical and mental health. These conditions may include too much or too little work, time pressures, having to make too many decisions and physical strains of the work environment (e.g., long hours, assembly line).

The management of psychological stress in the work place has come into prominence due to the rising costs companies are incurring. Hie costs associated with worker's compensation claims for work-related stress ailments are steadily on the rise. Stress claims mean higher costs for companies and bigger pay outs from their insurers. In the last four years, stress-related mental disorders have become this country's fastest growing occupational disease.

Employers need to be more responsive to the symptoms of stress that an employee may be experiencing. Some companies offer programs to help employees cope with stress in the work place.

I would like to propose by my thesis the management of psychological stress in the work place. I will define and explore the nature of stress and its causes. Second, I will review the psychological and physical affects of stress. Third, I will examine stress and its costs to companies, and finally, I will review methods on managing stress in the work place.

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