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The large case audit program was established to more effectively audit large complex corporations with multiple subsidiaries in various locations, domestic and international. The audits are handled by using a team approach, led by a case manager and team coordinator who coordinates the efforts of agents and specialists.

The IRS is currently engaged in a program of quality improvement for the large case or CEP audits (Coordinated Exam Program). Ten initiatives were adopted to assist in improving the large case program. The goal is to bring examinations more current and settle more issues at the exam level. As of September 1990, over $26 billion of the $36 billion of CEP issues in Appeals were factual issues. If successful, the Government will accelerate collection of taxes, and speeding up the exams could save the large case taxpayers millions of dollars in interest.

Large case taxpayers are audited for every year, requiring ongoing audit preparation. This research paper includes sections on record keeping, record retention agreements for machine sensible records, ways to handle the audit effectively, audit documentation, and disclosures. In addition, sections are included on the Industry Specialization Program and technical advice requests.

Effective management of IRS audits are necessary to minimize the deficiencies assessed against the taxpayer. It is hoped that this paper can be helpful in that respect.

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