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There is a genuine effort today to set aside the traditional limiting stereotypes about individuals generated in large part by the labels attached to them and instead, to focus on what the person can do, what the person needs to learn to do, and the methods and systems which must be brought to bear to assure that the person will learn to do that which he/she needs to do.

This paper will focus on the management of the health care financing administration/title nineteen federal regulations. In the past, persons with mental retardation were denied the opportunity to learn and were devalued and dehumanized as well. Today, institutions remain filled with older retarded persons who never had the opportunities from the earliest point of identification to learn to grow in developmentally, behaviorally, and socially appropriate manners. Rather, in the absence of directed intervention, these individuals developed a full range of inappropriate, self stimulating institutional behaviors which only confirmed to everyone that they could not be taught. Because mentally retarded persons do not learn easily, or spontaneously, because they do not generalise learning to all necessary settings will, and because mentally retarded persons can develop in very harmful and nonproductive ways without directions, they require a consistent, developmentally sound, performance based program of intervention both within the formal treatment and educational environment which can lead potentially to optimal functioning which far exceeds our previous expectations of what retarded persons could gain and produce.

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