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glass, aluminum, paper, recycling, plastics, material, market, cans, environmentalism


Today, the topic of the environment is a very serious issue both to the consumer and to big business. The fear of the fate of the earth has sparked the environmental activists to act. The world's environment has become a core American value.

Americans have tuned into the environment, and interest is extremely high for so called "green products" with environmentally friendly packaging as well. People are increasingly willing to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly products, and they avoid doing business with companies they believe are hurting the environment. This, in turn, has forced the business world to pay attention to what the consumer demands are. The consumer wants "green products" of good value for a fair price.

This paper presents the results, of a year long independent survey conducted by myself, of what environmental problems business is aware of and trying to do something about. The results clearly show that the major concern for businesses is solid waste management. Therefore, this paper gives a brief overview of "Green Packaging" to show how it can help the world we live in and be profitable at the same time. More and more businesses are certainly becoming aware that with environmental awareness also comes new profit opportunities and new ways to strengthen image and long-term business goals. The bottom line is that supporting the environmental movement makes good sense, good business and a good image!

Let corporations not kid themselves. The "Green Movement" is here to stay, and those companies with the foresight to address consumer environmental concerns now will reap the benefits. Those companies who do not will be left farther and farther behind.

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