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Business Administration


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Today's business environment is very complex and competitive. In the past thirty to forty years there has been an incalculable number of changes, both internal and external. Those changes that have occurred in the last twenty to thirty years due to technology and the advent of global competition will leave the greatest impression on the face of business.

In decades past, businesses had simpler, less complicated operations and regulations to work within. But due to changes beyond the control of most managers, the environment they live and work in has changed forever. Today hungry, quality-conscious businesses spanning the globe are attacking American businesses with catastrophic results. Many companies who were unable to compete have lost market share or have ceased operations. This hungry business environment shows no signs of relenting. Either a division or firm adapts to this environment, or they face failure. Change is inevitable. Those who can't or refuse to adapt will be left behind.

The global leaders are the firms that possess a proactive management. A management, that has a vision for tomorrow, and the plan to realize that vision. These firms have built their future security on a solid foundation, piered in strategic planning.

Strategic planning, once scoffed at, is now in vogue. Gone is the dusty report reviewed once a year. Strategic planning is providing divisions and firms with a brighter more secure future.

There are no two companies that are alike. Therefore, there is no set plan that will work for every company. There are elements, however, that if used in a planning effort may enable a company to become proactive and find success in the business community of the nineties.

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