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Since Congress enacted tighter legislation on the health care industry, Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment forced hospital administrators to exercise more stringent control over time, what had been in the runaway health cost. With the advent of the DRG, administrators had to monitor costs.

Hospital budgets were scrutinized. No longer could they afford to buy new equipment as the latest diagnostic tool. Another concern for administrators and hospital C.E.O.'s was staffing costs, salaries, benefits, and pensions. Competition became important for hospitals to survive. Competition to fill empty hospital beds made is thus now more evident with heavy advertising.

My thesis will focus on personnel issues related to the Medical Technology profession. Because the advent of DRG has had a profound affect on the profession, causing cutbacks in hiring, declines have occurred in enrollments at accredited universities, colleges, and hospitals that teach and train those who seek to pursue careers in this profession. An exodus of lab professionals seeking, alternative careers has thus been created.

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