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Business Administration


Business Administration


data, processing, network, software, hardware, technology, users, systems, computing


The purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the problems and prospects of both the microcomputers and mainframes in the business arena. The first chapter of this thesis covers an overview of computers. A complete analysis of microcomputers, mainframes and local area networks is discussed. Firms with only microcomputers report extensive computerization of reports, data analyses, questionnaire design, databases, and modeling. Mainframes are used more for data analysis and for data collection, and sampling, but they are used at approximately the same rates for databases, modeling, and secondary data analysis.

The second chapter examines newer concepts and techniques used for processing information such as time sharing, multiprocessing, parallel and coprocessing. The explosion of information accompanying the massive technical advances of recent years has placed great emphasis upon controlling the flow of information to the user.

The third chapter deals with the placement of computers including decentralized, centralized and distributed computer systems. A centralized network is characterized by communications channels emanating from a centralized computer system; a distributed network is characterized by computer systems that can, in the most general sense be connected with every other computer system.

The fourth chapter covers the considerations to be made when downsizing. However, there is far more to downsizing than merely installing less expensive computers. It needs to be combined with a change in working patterns and business practices.

The fifth chapter focuses on the implementation considerations that MIS managers need to look into before the downsizing decision has been made in the organization.

The last chapter of this research deals with management strategies and the impact that computers are having on MIS managers and on the environment in which MIS managers work.

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